9th House in Astrology: What’s in Your Fate?

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9th House in Astrology: What's in Your Fate?

9th House in Astrology: What’s in Your Fate?

9th House of the Kundali Birth Chart

Kundali in Vedic Astrology is divided in 12 segments which are known as houses or ‘bhaav’. These houses provide insights into various aspects of life such as career, relationships, finances, etc. Basically, these houses or ‘bhaav’ are backbone of astrology. Without them, no significant analysis can be done. Various yogas and doshas are determined through the kundali houses. All the houses are interconnected with each other. The first house of the kundali is the house of ascendant and is ruled by the Aries zodiac sign. Every house is ruled by the zodiac signs such as 1st house is ruled by Aries, 2nd house is ruled by Taurus, and so on.

Importance of 9th House in Kundali

9th house is also referred to as 'Dharma Bhaav' because it signifies one's religious and spiritual inclinations. This house depicts whether the person is a believer or non-believer. This house defines the philosophical inclinations of the native i.e. whether they are orthodox or progressive.

Aside from this, this house is also known as the house of luck. It tells whether the person will be able to sidetrack the obstacles and how will they overcome it. The 9th house of the kundali birth chart is ruled by the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and hence, the planet Jupiter is the natural ruler of this house.

The ninth house in the horoscope rules divine worship, luck, legal matters, dramatic works, virtues, compassion, compassion, pilgrimage, medicine, science, mental purity, education, prosperity, planning, moral story, horse, elephant, auditorium, religion, spiritual knowledge, imagination, intuition, religious devotion, sympathy, philosophy, science and literature, lasting fame, leadership, charity, soul, ghost, long journeys, foreign travels and communication with father etc.

Importance of 9th House in Astrology

The ninth house in the kundali birth chart is also the "house of faith". Through this house one can know the effect of the good works of a person's past lives as well as how it impacts in the present life. Every person is entitled to receive fruits based on the work done in his previous life. The ninth house brings the person to the heights of success through luck. With the positive influence in the 9th house in the kundali birth chart, the person's nature is religious, devoted, conservative and compassionate.

In Western astrology, the 10th house is also related to father, whereas in Vedic Astrology, the ninth house is related to the father of the native.

The ninth house belongs to holy places and things like religion, mosques, temples, and churches, religious books such as Vedas, Puranas, Bibles, and Quran etc. It also refers to long distance communication such as commercial power, cable, wire, radio, TV etc.

What is seen in the horoscope with the 9th house?

  • Religious Life: The 9th house of the kundali birth chart defines ones religious inclinations. The placements in this house define whether the native will follow the religious beliefs or not. A native with the positive placements in this house tends to be religious and spiritually inclined and follow the dictums rigorously.
  • Luck: The ninth house of the kundali also represents the luck of the native. However, this aspect is also dependant on the past lives karma and determine the circumstances in the current life. If the deeds are positive then the native tend to get good results and hence is considered lucky in the astrological sense.
  • Raj Yoga: The raj yog in a kundali is also seen from the 9th house.
  • Higher Education: The 9th house in the kundali also rules the higher university education such as bachelor’s, master's or the doctorate. From this house, one can see whether the native will continue with the studies or not.
  • Foreign Travel: From the 9th house one can also know whether the native will travel or settle abroad. The businesses related to import & export can also be seen through this house.
  • Second Marriage: If there is a yog of second marriage in the native's life, then it can be seen from the third house.
  • Children: This house also the rules the native’s third child or the third grandchild.

The ninth sense also relates to other houses in the following manner:

In astrology, the 9th house is also related with the other houses of the horoscope. It represents teachers, preachers, pilgrimages, etc. Humanitarian instincts of the person can also be seen from the 9th house. This sentiment also refers to foreign travel and spiritual knowledge, cosmos, philosophy, guru, postgraduate education, PhD, owners, hidden power of powers, ability to earn money from foreign places, destruction of family wealth, end of family wealth, etc. With the ninth house in the horoscope, your siblings' spouse, health, disease and mother's debts and obstacles; Creative expressions of children, children, enemies etc. are seen. The 9th house can also tell about the extended family.

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