Numerologist In New York

Numerologist In New York

Numerology is as old as our ancient civilization. No one knows the origin of the science of numerology but numbers are spoken of even in the ancient biblical literature and the Hindu mythological texts. As per the present records available, the least history of numerology dates back to the Pythagoras period which runs between 569 and 470 B.C. Pythagoras, a great sage, mathematician and philosopher of his times from Greece, had established a school in which he taught numerology too, among other subjects.


According to Pythagoras, the world is built upon the power of numbers and the system of the numbers works on the broader concept that the entire universe is composed of mathematical patterns. It is said that all things can be expressed in numbers which correspond to universal vibrations. Therefore, all things, including names, letters, words, birth dates and birthplaces, can be converted into numerical values to determine personalities, destinies and fortunes of individuals.


Though numerology has been in use for hundreds of years together in some form or other, it underwent a lot of change in modern times. Certainly, what you perceive as numerology today was not the same as taught or practised or propagandized by Pythagoras and more has been written and rewritten on the subject in this century than in all of the previous centuries.


It is impossible to talk about patterns in life without symbols, and numerology is a language of symbols—the symbolism of numbers. Symbols serve to draw upon themselves the vast amount of knowledge that exists in the archetypal world. Archetypes are unique bundles of information, stored in the psyche until we have the means to attract their wealth into our lives. They convey knowledge of things that we previously did not know, or were not conscious of. The beauty of the use of numbers—as we do in numerology—and human characteristics is that they are naturally and inherently joined. There is nothing arbitrary about joining the number 1 with originality or inventiveness, because 1, no matter what language the number is used in, means the beginning, the origin, the first, the birth. Similarly, you will find that in numerology all single-digit numbers have a meaning that relates easily to our perspective of the rhythm of things. They just make sense.


We all know that we have 10 primary numbers as 0, 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9. All the calculations everywhere in every field required this numeric. Thousand & thousands of years ago Hindu sages contemplate soon, Bindu or Zero described as void, empty or something without beginning. Today all the scientists in every part of the world admit that if the Hindu sages are not discovered the Zero, no great discovery can happen. Here lies the power of numbers. In this modern civilization when we use a laptop or a high-end device, what originally works behind those are nothing but numbers. And when these numbers create effects on human life the science is known as numerology.


Numerologist In New York

Numerology comprises five fundamental elements known as "core numbers," which collectively shape your Numerology profile. These core numbers are your Life Path number, Expression number, Personality number, Heart’s Desire number, and Birth Day number. Each of these numbers is derived from your birth name and/or date, influencing different facets of your identity. Let's delve into the significance of each core number to enhance your understanding as you embark on your own Numerology calculations.


  1. Life Path Number: The Life Path number stands as the most pivotal element in your Numerology chart, serving as a blueprint that outlines the trajectory of your life. It dictates the opportunities and challenges you encounter, profoundly impacting your character and the choices you make on life’s journey. Calculated from the numbers in your complete birth date, the Life Path number encapsulates your essence, remaining constant and unique throughout your life.

  2. Expression Number: While the Life Path number outlines life lessons and their management, the Expression number focuses on your inherent strengths and weaknesses bestowed upon you at birth. Often known as the Destiny number, it aligns with your life goals, forming the foundation upon which your Life Path can thrive. This number is determined by the numerical values corresponding to the letters in your full name, revealing the innate talents and abilities instilled in you.

  3. Personality Number: Your Personality number reflects the initial impression you leave on others. It unveils the aspects of yourself that you readily disclose, helping you gauge the extent of your openness and to whom. Serving as a protective barrier, this number screens out undesirable individuals and situations while welcoming aspects of life that resonate with your inner nature. Calculated solely from the consonants in your name, the Personality number shapes your public image.

  4. Heart’s Desire Number: Delving into the motivations behind your actions and your true aspirations in life and love, the Heart’s Desire number holds significance. It signifies the driving forces behind your choices across various life aspects, shedding light on your inner passions. Comprising the vowels in your name, this number reveals the subtle aspects of your subconscious desires.

  5. Birth Day Number: Your Birth Day number, derived from the day you were born, reveals a specific talent that will find its place on your Life Path. Despite being the most modest of the core numbers, the Birth Day number imprints a timestamp on your current identity, representing a unique gift associated with the day of your birth. This number subtly shapes your life's trajectory and contributes significantly to your individuality.

According to the renowned Numerologist in New York US, India, Manisha  Ji, our existence unfolds within the vast expanse of the Universe, comprising numerous galaxies. Have you ever contemplated the intricate system we are integral to? Each living being is a part of a grand design, crafted by the formidable mind of the divine. Everything within our universe resonates with its unique vibration, evident when we feel a particular atmosphere in a room. Every individual, every creature possesses a distinctive energy that exerts influence. Have you explored the fascinating science known as Numerology? This profound system, attributed to the great mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, unveils the mystical power inherent in numbers.

The mystical energies associated with numbers correspond to occult characteristics that impact a person's life. Each numeral carries a concealed meaning. Common knowledge acknowledges the significance attached to the number 13. In various occult practices, numbers play a significant role; for instance, Satanists invoke the number 666, associated with Devil worship. For a deeper understanding of your unique qualities and personal vibrations, delving into the numerology of names can provide valuable insights.

Our life journey follows a predetermined path set by the divine. We enter this world with a mission to enhance it. Each person possesses a unique mission to fulfill. The importance of your name and date of birth lies in the ever-changing forces of the universe. Just as astrological signs influence individuals' characters, individuals with distinct zodiac signs may find it challenging to understand one another. Immersing ourselves in the realm of numbers reveals their profound significance. If you seek clarity on your mission on Earth, name numerology can offer the answers you seek.

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