Vastu Shastra


Vastu Shastra

Originally formulated for the Indian climate, “Vastushastra” takes into account the orientation of the sun, prevailing winds and directions of earth’s magnetic fields. A good deal of it is derived from the science of Geomancy and dressed as a religion to make it more palatable for the masses.

When we choose to align the various external expressions of our lives with our inner desires and longings of spirit, life takes on a new dimension of meaning and clarity. The Vastuworld philosophy is based on living and acting with love, awareness, and positive intention. It’s about taking the necessary steps to make peace – with ourselves, with our work, with the spaces in which we spend our days and nights, with the earth… and with each other. Truly successful design places lay equal importance on the beauty of a space, the mindful selection of materials, the overall well being of the occupants, and the minimal impact of the ensemble on the environment.

A healthy workspace promotes the productivity, efficiency, and wellness of all those who work and do business there while setting a positive example for compassionate responsibility within the corporate community.

• It promotes lifestyle awareness as an important part of creating spaces for the soul.
• It can also give recommendations for sourcing environmental paints, organic products, and other related decorative and personal items.
• Another important part of creating a truly healthy space is the identification and management of electromagnetic fields that emanate from electronic equipment and ungrounded wires, particularly in areas where occupants spend large amounts of time, such as bedrooms and offices.

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Why Choose Us as Your Vastu Consultant?

New York US , the fastest-growing city in the world, is renowned for its skyscrapers. However, finding the perfect living space here can be a daunting task. At Manisha, we recognize the unique requirements of urban living. Therefore, we offer customized Vastu consultations in New York , ensuring that your living space aligns harmoniously with the fundamental principles of Vastu.

Vastu Services We Offer in New York :

  1. Vastu Services: We provide a wide range of Vastu services in New York . Additionally, we offer Vastu courses for those interested in learning this ancient phenomenon. Whether it’s Vastu for business or Vastu for commercial properties, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Expert Advice: If you’re planning to build your own house or renovate an existing one, now is the ideal time to seek Vastu expert advice. Our consultants can guide you in designing your dream home in alignment with Vastu principles.

Process of Vastu for Home:

  1. Site Evaluation: Our experts conduct an in-depth evaluation of the site, considering directions, location, and topography.
  2. Layout Creation: After the initial evaluation, we create layouts that facilitate the free flow of positive energy. This step involves strategically positioning elements according to Vastu directions.
  3. Expert Inspection: In the third step, our senior Vastu consultant reviews the map design created by our Vastu Expert. If any Vastu doshas (imbalances) are identified, appropriate remedies are suggested.

We understand the transformative power of Vastu and its ability to positively impact your life. Our dedicated Vastu Consultants in New York are committed to serving you and helping you resolve any Vastu-related issues.

Let’s collaborate to turn your dream home into a space that radiates positivity and success. Connect with us today to schedule an appointment and embark on your journey toward a prosperous life.