Delving into Destiny: Understanding Prashna Kundali”

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What is Prashna Kundali?

Delving into Destiny: Understanding Prashna Kundali”

Prashna Kundli, also known as Horary Astrology, is a branch of Vedic astrology that involves analyzing the positions of celestial bodies at the time a question is asked to predict the outcome or provide guidance on a specific matter. It is believed that the moment a question is posed, the planetary positions capture the essence of the situation and the querent’s (the person asking the question) destiny.

Key aspects of Prashna Kundli:

1. Query or Question: The starting point for Prashna Kundli is a clearly formulated question that seeks specific information or guidance. The question should be precise, relevant, and address a genuine concern.

2. Time of Query: The exact moment when the question is asked is crucial. The astrologer notes the date, time, and location where the question was posed. This information is used to cast the Prashna Kundli.

3. Chart Construction: Based on the time and location of the query, the astrologer creates a horoscope or chart known as the Prashna Kundli. The positions of planets, signs, and houses are carefully analyzed.

4. Lagna and Ascendant: The Lagna, also known as the Ascendant, holds special significance in Prashna Kundli. It represents the querent’s state of mind, circumstances, and the overall direction of the matter at hand.

5. Planetary Combinations: The astrologer examines the positions and interactions of planets, taking into account their aspects, conjunctions, and placements in different houses. This helps in assessing the strength and potential outcomes related to the query.

6. Divisional Charts: Divisional charts, such as the Navamsa and Dasamsa, are often used in Prashna Kundli to provide deeper insights into specific areas of life or to clarify specific aspects of the query.

7. Yogas and Transits: Auspicious or inauspicious combinations of planets, known as yogas, are identified in the chart. Additionally, the influence of transiting planets is considered to assess the timing and progression of events.

8. Interpretation: The astrologer synthesizes all the information from the chart to provide an interpretation that addresses the querent’s question. This may include predictions about the outcome, advice on how to navigate the situation, or general guidance regarding the matter at hand. Prashna Kundli is widely used in India and other regions where Vedic astrology is practiced. It is considered a valuable tool for seeking guidance on a wide range of life matters, including relationships, career, health, finances, travel, and important decisions.

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