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Astrology operates as a comprehensive system designed to interpret celestial bodies with the explicit aim of bringing benefits to the individual. This intricate system relies on a detailed analysis of the positions of stars and planetary bodies. Unfortunately, many individuals overlook the nuanced mechanisms involved in drawing conclusions, leading to the misconception of astrology as mere superstition. Conversely, those who grasp the logical foundations of astrology find it a valuable tool for navigating life.

Manisha ji, a esteemed astrologer, possesses the expertise to offer solutions to a myriad of challenges. Drawing from various sub-branches of astrology, including palmistry, numerology, gemology, and Vastu Shastra, Manisha provides insightful guidance to address diverse issues.

Astrology is the technique of identifying the type and future of a person through the positioning of the personalities and planets. Astrology can not work and cannot anticipate future situations or personalities. The Eastern astrology is an event focused, they will let you know what happened before and exactly what will happen in the foreseeable future with much greater accuracy and reliability. The most widespread request of horoscope astrology is to put it to use to investigate the birth graphs of individuals to be able to read figure, psychological traits, also to some extent future.


Astrology is not some ridiculous old thing, a superstition or pseudo-science, but a genuine science of individual experience. Its icons leave room for the vagaries of individual behaviour, whatever can’t ever be reduced to a simple and utter formula. Possibly the hostility is present because astrology continues to be a full-time income practice, a genuine rival for popular value and patronage. I am hoping that the original hostility may be dying among historians and sociable scientists and true knowledge of this important practice and perception. It generally does not imply that astrology is exact in predicting individuals behaviour or happenings to a qualification significantly higher than mere chance. There are plenty of satisfied customers who assume that their horoscope effectively describes them and this their astrologer has given them advice.

Astrology is safe, it can be entertainment. Whatever its past glories were, it appears now a five-and-dime glance of the cosmos. Astrology could very well be the oldest subject matter and also in ways the most overlooked. It’s the most historic because astrology has been in existence dating back to when we’ve been able to research the annals of mankind. Instead, they prefer to provide anecdotal facts –tales people tell about how precisely accurate they think astrology is. Anecdotal research is not suitable in genuine research because it’s too easy to omit all the negative experiences people have, and folks of low quality at recalling and effectively reporting experiences.Astrology is dependent on birth graphs of a person and the positioning of sunlight, Moon and planets are plotted on the zodiac at this time of birth. Besides, astrology is not a quick analysis. Traditionalists used to say this takes a scholar one transit of Saturn, about 30 years, to achieve proficiency. Vedic Astrology is part of your holistic, included knowledge system and its results can be bolstered by interoperating using its “sister” sciences. The Vedic Astrology system is kind for the reason that not only is a person advised what might happen, nonetheless they are provided with a set of potential remedies or corrective activities to offset the number and quality of karmas that are a time for them, as observed in the birth graph.

Astrology cannot work and forecast future occasions or personalities. The Eastern astrology is an event focused, they will let you know what happened before and exactly what will happen in the foreseeable future with much greater precision. The most widespread program of horoscope astrology is to make use of it to investigate the birth graphs of individuals if you want to read personality, psychological traits, also to some extent future.


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The field of astrology can be broadly categorized into two significant branches: person-to-person and predictive divinations. In the predictive realm, astrologers make generalized suggestions and future forecasts, where the accuracy is heavily influenced by the astrologer's spirit and daily discipline. On the other hand, person-to-person astrology focuses on an individual's birth or natal chart, offering a distinctive definition of their character. Since personality is dynamic, with daily fluctuations in energy vibrations and moods, sun signs have become widely popular, especially in newspapers and magazines.

In the realm of personality predictions, encompassing the zodiac, astrology, moon or sun signs, and daily predictions related to each sign, our leading jyotish in New York holds comprehensive expertise. Providing an accurate portrayal of a customer's personality profile, our astrologer considers various factors, including the rising sun, moon sign, ruling planets, elements, variable qualities, and Yin-Yang. The preparation of natal charts, horoscopes for matchmaking, career guidance, financial situations, and other pertinent predictions takes into account the exact time, date, and geographical location of the customer's birth.

Whether you identify as a Gemini Moon or have a Rising Sun in Capricorn, our best astrologer in New york is here to decipher your natural tendencies. Gender concepts, such as female-male or Yin-Yang, are factored in as they have an energetic influence on attitudes and character refinements. Ruling planets and qualities like cardinal, fixed, or changeable are meticulously considered, providing a holistic interpretation of your personality.

For detailed charts and comprehensive consultations, reach out to our genuine astrologer in New York. Whether through a mobile call or email appointment, we are ready to assist you at any time.