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Auspicious Yogas in Kundali: Top 10 Positive Yogas

Everyone has, at least once, listened to a Vedic Astrologer speaking of ‘Yoga in Kundali Birth Chart’. But what are Yogas? Yogas are the positive planetary placements and conjunction in the kundali. They often tend to give positive results to the native. These yogas are considered highly beneficial in the kundali and when they are formed in the kundali, they can have a very positive impact on the native such as accumulation of wealth, reaching heights in career, getting success in life, etc. You can also calculate the yogas in your kundali through this "Auspicious Yogas in Kundli Calculator.

Following is a list of some of the Auspicious Yogas in Vedic Astrology:

Shankha Yoga:

This yoga forms through the 5th and 6th house lords are placed in each others’ Kendras, as well as, having the lagna or ascendant lord in the strong position. The person with Shankha Yog tends to be kind-hearted, virtuous, learned, blessed with a spouse and children, morally sound, versed in sacred scriptures, owns lands, enjoys prosperity and lives a long life. The person with Shankha Yoga has the authority to discipline or punish others. Planets that influence this yoga are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

Musala Yoga:

Positive and favorable planets occupy or aspect the 12th house and the lord of the 12th house, not being combust, is in an auspicious house, in own sign or exalted. The impact of Musala Yoga can be that the person will accumulate wealth but after great difficulty. But the wealth may not be long lasting. The person will suffer humiliation and have an unsteady mind even may not be very bright. People with Musala Yoga are also very calculative when they have to spend money and they always spend it on legitimate purpose.

Parijat Yoga:

Parijat Yoga is formed when the lord of ascendant is sitting in their zodiac sign or in the higher zodiac sign. Parijat Yoga is also formed when the favorable planets are sitting in the best places of kundali that are absolutely beneficial for the native. A person born in Parijat Yoga has good family bondings, a native with this yoga is wealthy and also participates in auspicious work. Native with Parijat Yoga also tends to be a good listener of virtuous stories and a scholar and devotional person who is devotional.

Khyati Yoga:

Khyati Yoga is formed when an auspicious planet is sitting in the 10th house or aspect the auspicious planet in the 10th house. Khyati Yoga is also formed when the lord of the 10th house is sitting in the higher zodiac, then the native will be famous with high self respect. By taking birth in Khyati Yoga, the person performs good deeds and accumulate praise for his work, such a person, like a king, protects his subjects well and gets fame in the public.

Bhagya Yoga:

Bhagya Yoga is formed when an auspicious planet is placed in the 9th house, or is aspecting the 9th house. If a favorable planet is sitting in the best place and not sitting in negative zodiac sign then the native with the Bhagya Yoga tends to be lucky. With Bhagya Yoga, the person receives the wealth and blessings of Lakshmi. People respect the native of Bagh or Luck. He always keeps his parents happy by worshiping the ancestors, Brahmins and Gods. He keeps his family happy and also tends to be a philanthropist and humanitarian.

Shasha Mahapurusha Yoga:

Shasha Mahapurusha Yoga is formed when Saturn is located in its higher zodiac sign or in the center of Ascendant. Due to Shasha Mahapurusha Yoga, many people who love forests and mountains like Jataka Raja or Raja are the rulers, who are skilled in the trade of metal with a cruel intellect. Native with Shasha Mahapurusha Yoga are humorous in a debate, wrathful, a fiery sight of his mother.

Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga:

If Venus is situated in its high zodiac or self-sign, in the center of the lagna, then there is Malavya Yoga, born in Malavya Yoga, its gesture like a woman (wringing hands, walking, doing the play of shame) etc. Beautiful attractive eye, beautiful body, virtuous (rich in many virtues) stunning, rich with woman, son, vehicle, scholar, enthusiast, lord of power, minister, smart, native resists and lives till the age of 70. Yogic Planet for Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga: Venus

Swan Yoga:

If Jupiter is in its higher zodiac sign or in the center of the lagna, then swan yoga is formed. The person born in Hans Yoga has a red-faced face, high nose, auspicious phase, swan-like tone, Kapha imparting nature, Gaur Varna, Sukumar wife, beautiful like Kamadeva, happy, scriptural knowledge, Parayan, superfine, virtuous, perfect work and performing. Is one and he is 84 years old. Yogic Planet for Swan Yoga: Jupiter

Bhadra Mahapurusha Yoga:

If Buddha is situated in his higher zodiac or self-sign in the center of the lagna then Bhadra Yoga is done. Jataka born in Bhadra Yoga has a face similar to a lion, a movement like an elephant, an athletic femur, advanced chest and arms are long, round and strong, the person is adept, versed in the benevolence of the exiles, like the Vipul Pragya, Yash, the king of wealth and is 80 years of age. Yogic Planets for Swan Yoga: Buddha

Ruchika Yoga:

If Mars is located in its higher zodiac sign or in the center of the lagna then it is interesting. Jataka born in Ruchika Yoga, forceful body, Lakshmi, Shastri (Shastra Nishanta), chanting and chanting mantras, skilled in chanting or abhinachara, like king or king, lavana-rich, body, joyful red-eyed, soft tanu, conqueror of enemies, Tyagi, rich, Sukhi, attaining the age of 70, is the master of army and horses. Yogic Planets for Ruchika Yoga: Mars

Kuldeepak Yoga:

When any of Mars, Mercury, Guru, and Venus in the center of the horoscope ( is in the center, either alone or with other planets, then it becomes Kuldeepak Yoga. If there is a Mercury planet in the lagna, Guru in the center and Mars in the tenth place, then such a child is Kuldeepak. Or if there is Mars in the lagna or in the seventh place, Sun in the fifth place and Rahu in the twelfth place, then still the child is Kuldeepak. When there is Sun, Mars, Mercury, Guru, or Venus in the center of the horoscope i.e. lagna, fourth, seventh and twelfth house, then this yoga is called Kuldeepak. People with this yoga are the source of great progress in their family or family. They are moving forward for the welfare of not only their families. Kuldeepak Yogi arising in compassionate virtue, scholar, son, wealth, longevity with women and conduct is good, interested in humanitarian work, religious, scholar and pleasure, long life with wife, children and land. Behavior towards is sweet and gentle and is successful in family terms.