Life & Death: Why 8th House in Astrology Matters?

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Life & Death: Why 8th House in Astrology Matters?

Life & Death: Why 8th House in Astrology Matters?

8th House of the Kundali Birth Chart

The houses divide the kundali birth chart in 12 segments. These segments are very crucial for the astrological understanding of the various aspects of life. Thus, they are significant for proper analysis of the kundali of an individual. Various yogas & dosha in the kundali, as well as various conjunctions of the planets and their impact, are determined through the houses. The first house of the kundali which is ruled by the zodiac sign of Aries is very important as it signifies the ascendant sign or the ‘lagna’ as it is called in Vedic Astrology. These houses represent various aspects such as birth, career, finance, relationships, death, etc. The 12 houses are ruled by the Just like the 6th house and the 12th house, the 8th house of the kundali is also deemed negative in astrology. The 8th house of the kundali birth chart represents age, lifespan and death (as well as nature of death).

Apart from this, the 8th house of the kundali also represents the wealth and finances of the native. The financial gains and losses can be seen through this house. Aside from the certain materialistic aspects, this house can also pertain to certain dark aspects of life such as depression (or other mental illnesses), defamation as well as other bad karmas.

Hence, the eighth house is also known as the 'Aayu Bhava'.

Importance of the 8th house in Astrology

The 8th house in the kundali birth chart refers to age, death, gifts, unaccounted property, and cause of death, desire, humiliation, fall, defeat, sorrow, accusations, servants and obstacles. According to Vedic astrology, the eighth house in the horoscope signifies heritage. The property found after the sudden death of the head of the household is seen from the eighth house. Research, esoteric science, hidden treasure, quarry, coal, discontinuity, destruction, risk, speculative trade, lottery, mystery, mantra & tantra, and spiritual things show the eighth sense.

According to the author of “Sankhanidhi", Ram Dayalu, the eighth house is also related to suffering and mystery. It refers to a person's misfortune, mental distress, sorrow, fights & discord, anxiety and difficulty, delay in work, sadness, accusations, accidents, fear of enemies, risk of any disease, interruptions, jail, wrongdoing, etc.

What can be seen from the 8th house of the horoscope?

  • Nature of Death - The 8th house of the kundali birth chart indicates the nature of death. Upon analyzing the 8th house in relation to other houses & planetary conjunctions the astrologer can get information about the cause of death, place of death and time of death (ballpark). If the lord of the ascendant, lord of the third house, as well as Sun, has an impact on the eighth house and the lord of the eighth house, then the house foretells something negative incidents. Such incidents are analyzed through the 8th house. If there is an influence of auspicious planets in this house, the native attains peaceful life.
  • Foreign Travels - According to Vedic astrology, the eighth house also represents the sea. Hence, the prospects of traveling abroad can also be seen through this house. The results of these travels can also be seen through this house.
  • Esoteric Aspects of Life – The eighth house in astrology also denotes the esoteric aspects of life. Hence, the planetary placements in this house can influence an individual’s inclination towards the esoteric sciences. This house is also related to the mysterious discovery. On the other hand, the fifth sense is related to the intelligence of the natives. A positive aspect in this house can make the native excellent in research.
  • Accident – Since, the eighth house pertains to death, it also provides information about accidents in life. Accidents or sudden injuries etc. are ruled by this house and such occurrences in a person's life can be seen through the eighth house.
  • Wealth – The eighth house is also a signification of wealth, ancestral property, as well as bequeathed wealth, are also seen from the eighth house. If a person gets the ancestral property, then it is related to the eighth house.

Interlinking of 8th House with other Houses

The eighth house also indicates the death and rebirth of the native. It also gives a sense of complete change, a wealth of others, and money received after someone's death at home. If the eighth house of a person is not strong, then the person may fear death. It also provides experience in life through accidental events, borrowings, disputes, mysticism, esoteric science, tantra-mantra, self-knowledge, conspiracies, and hidden things.

According to Vedic astrology, the eighth house in the horoscope represents the base part of the spine. It also shows the dark side of the world. From the eighth house, your secrets are also considered, which you want to keep limited to yourself. In the horoscope of a person, this feeling tells psychiatrist, astrology, psychiatry, etc.

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