10th House in Astrology: Why Is It Called Karmasthana?

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10th House in Astrology: Why Is It Called Karmasthana?

10th House in Astrology: Why Is It Called Karmasthana?

10th House of Kundali

Every kundali birth chart is segmented in 12 houses which are also called as ‘bhaav’. Every house pertains to a specific aspect of life from which one can get information about an individual’s personality, career, marriage, family, offspring, and education, amongst others. These houses or ‘bhaav’ are critical to Vedic Astrology. The analysis of any kundali is done based on these houses as well as the placements of planets in these houses. Even an empty house has its own significance. It helps in determining any yogas & dosha in the kundali. However, all the houses are interconnected. These houses are ruled by the zodiac signs, for example, the first house of the kundali, is ruled by the zodiac sign Aries, the second house of the kundali is ruled by the zodiac sign Taurus, and so on.

Importance of 10th House in Kundali

The 10th house is a significant house in the kundali. 10th house of the kundali rules the career. The occupation of the native is determined through the planetary placements in this house. This house answers lots of questions about the individual's area of work, the success in their chosen line of work, the position of authority, etc. The 10th house of the kundali is ruled by the Capricorn Zodiac Sign. The placements in this house define the native's earning capabilities. The strongest Raj Yog is also formed when there is an interconnection with the 9th & the 10th house.

In astrology, the tenth house is also called as the house of karma i.e. profession. This house shows the achievement, fame, power, prestige, status, honor, rank, credibility, conduct, ambition, etc. of a person. Apart from this, the tenth house in the horoscope tells the career or occupation of the person. Karma (occupation), lifestyle, empire, success, conduct, honor, sacrifice, virtue, wealth, intelligence, instinct and inclination are all known by the tenth house.

Factors that the 10th house of the Kundali Projects

Since, the 10th house rules the career of the native, the planetary placements determine the nature of the profession that the individual will choose. Jobs in government institutes are also ruled by the 10th house. The tenth house denotes occupation, rank, temporary respect, success, livelihood, self-respect, religious knowledge and dignity.

Through the 10th house of a birth chart the native’s dignity, as well as the rank in the society, can also be seen. The 10th house gives information about matters related to the empire; the seal of authority, religious merit, status, utility, etc. The tenth house also examining the social status, rank, status of a person and his relationship with dignified and gentle people.

What is seen from the 10th House?

  • Career or Profession: The 10th house of the kundali is all about the career or profession of the native. From this house, it can be seen what profession the native will choose, would they have authority, would they be successful? etc. The planetary positions in this house influence the profession as well as the authority of the native.
  • Raja Yoga: Raja Yog is a particular period in Vedic astrology that implies success and growth in life. This yoga also implies great financial success in life. There can be multiple raj yogas in one life. Raj Yoga is commonly formed when the rulers of the 9th & the 10th house are auspiciously placed in the kundali birth chart.
  • Dignity & Esteem: The 10th house of the horoscope also provides details about the person's dignity in the society. An individual's standing in their professional life can also be seen from this house.
  • Approach towards Work: The planetary placements in this house tell a lot about the person's outlook towards the hard work i.e. whether they are casual or hardworking. The placements in this house also entail whether the native is serious about their work or not. It also shows an individual's ambition in life.
  • Public Image: The 10th house of the kundali also influences a person's public persona. It rules how they are perceived by the majority of people. The status of the native in society can also be seen from this house.
  • Parents: The 10th house of the kundali also tells about the native's father and mother. The aspects of the father can be seen when the planet in the 10th house is any one of the following Sun, Mercury, Mars, or Saturn. The 10th house of the kundali also represents the father.

Interconnection of the 10th house with other Houses of the Kundali

There are 12 houses in the kundali. All the houses of the kundali are interrelated. The tenth house is also related to other houses in the same series. The tenth house also refers to the profession or authority of the native, but to the working environment. How do they interact with people in their working environment can be known from the tenth house of the horoscope. The tenth house also influences the way you treat someone and the way you will be treated from others.

The tenth house in the horoscope represents the education received by the father. In addition, the tenth house signifies God, authority, and government. This feeling makes the native aware of the rules made by God or the government. If the people work against the rule, then they have to bear the consequences. Therefore the tenth house represents the supreme power. This sentiment is the wealth or education received by the father, death of father or guru, benefit from long journey, benefit from higher education, style of in-laws dialogue, happiness of spouse, suffering in addition to land and property, enemies of children, dialogue and obstacles related to money-wealth, spiritual gain, loss of income or loss to older siblings as well as religious deeds.

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