2nd House | 2nd House in Vedic Astrology

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2nd House | 2nd House in Vedic Astrology

2nd House | 2nd House in Vedic Astrology

The kundali birth chart is has 12 segments that are referred to as houses. The houses of the kundali are the representative of the various aspects of life starting from birth and ending with death such as career, finance, relationships, etc. The houses are very important in understanding and proper analysis of kundali. The planets behave differently in the various houses.

Importance and Characteristics of Second House

The second house of the kundali is related to early childhood and close family members. It is also known as the house of possessions both material and non-material. This house also impacts the emotions, feelings, siblings and the relationships that we share with them. The second house also tells about one's financial well being. The second house is the house of Taurus and hence, is ruled by the zodiac sign of Venus.

What is seen in astrology from the second house?

As mentioned, second house is impacts the finances and ones money making capability. Following things can be seen from the second house.

  • Economic Condition: Income and profit are considered from the eleventh house and the second house. When the Lord of the second house and the eleventh house are in a strong position, then the person tends to be financially well off. On the other hand, if their position in the kundali birth chart is weak, then they face economic problems.
  • Early Education: Since the second house impacts ones early childhood and adolescence period, it also impacts ones early education. 2nd house has a deep connection with the childhood and adolescence. The primary education of the person is seen through this sense.
  • Voice, Singing and Music: The second also somewhat influences ones speech and communication. Hence, someone’s oratorical skills can be easily determined through this house and how this person can persuade others through their speech.
  • Eye: The second house also influences the person's eye. With this feeling, we mainly think about the right eye. If the Sun or Moon are afflicted by any negative planets on the 2nd house or if there is negative planetary influence on the 2nd house and the 2nd house lord, then the person generally suffers from some eye disorder.
  • Appearance and Mouth: Second house of the kundali birth chart refers to the texture of the skin as well as the face of a human being. If the lord of the second house is Mercury or Venus and has an aspect of the positive planets, then the person has a beautiful face, as well as a good speaker.

Second house also influence following other aspects in the kundali:

The second house also interrelates with some of the other aspects in the kundali. This sentiment reflects the well being of younger siblings, their expenses, and gifts from younger siblings. From the 2nd house of the elder sibling, one can easily determine a lot about the younger siblings.

At the same time, the second house also provides information about the education of the off-springs especially the first one. It also provides information about the image and reputation of your children in the society.

According to Vedic astrology, the second house in the horoscope shows the comfort of elder siblings, the happiness of friends, your attitude towards friends, and the relationship of older siblings with your mother. This particular house also reveals the art of writing.

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