3rd House in Astrology: What Does It Tells About You?

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3rd House in Astrology: What Does It Tells About You?

3rd House in Astrology: What Does It Tells About You?

3rd house of the Kundali Birth Chart

A kundali birth chart or a natal chart is a graphical representation of the placements of planets. A kundali is divided into 12 segments known as houses. These houses in kundali tell about the various aspects or the phases of life for example, career, health, friendships, family, finances, etc. The placements of the planets in these houses are very important for understanding and analysis of the kundali.

The 3rd House of the Kundali

The third house of the kundali is related to communication, travels, siblings, creativity, intellect, as well as habits. However, the 3rd house predominantly impacts the communication and oratorical skills of the native. It reflects our communication style and efforts to achieve our objectives. The determination to complete a task is also seen in this sense. This house is also related to the younger siblings.

Importance and Characteristics of the Third House

The third house represents siblings, intelligence, might, short-distance journeys, neighbors, close relatives, letters and writings, etc. In the third house, any person's courage, valor, younger siblings, friends, patience, writing, travel and right ear are considered. This gesture also shows right ear and breast, firmness, valor and bravery.

What is seen in astrology from the third house?

  • Younger siblings: The third house relates to younger siblings, cousins, loved ones, debt relief and neighbors. This sense of being a natural place signifies the help a person gets and the help he gets for completing his work.
  • Short distance trips: The third house indicates courage, short-distance travel (via bicycle, train, river, lake, and air). It represents all types of correspondence, writing, accounting, mathematics, news, the medium of communication such as post office, letterbox, telephone, telegraph, teleprinter, television, telecommunication, radio, report, signal, airmail, etc.
  • Writing art: The third house is also related to the book and publication, so with the effect of this feeling, one can become an editor, reporter, information officer and journalist in future. Since this house rules the communication and correspondence it also affects one's writing skills and manner of expression.
  • Friendships: The friendships of the native can also be seen from the third house. The kind of company that the native prefers and what are their inclinations can be deciphered from the third house.
  • Communication Skills: Third House of the kundali represented by the zodiac sign Gemini and as a result mercury rules the third house too. Mercury also rules the intellect and communication of the native and as such is a natural of this house.
  • Upper Body: The third house also influence the upper body parts such as shoulders, arms, brain, lungs, eyes, ears, etc. Whatever issues related to these body parts can be detected through this house.

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