Bharani Nakshatra: What are the Characteristics?

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Bharani Nakshatra: What are the Characteristics?

Bharani Nakshatra: What are the Characteristics?

Bharani Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

According to modern astronomy, the Bharani Nakshatra coming in Aries consists of three stars named 35-Eritis, 39-Eritis and 41-Eritis. Bharani is a very hot constellation that has a large amount of fire energy. The Vedic tradition has many qualities of the fire element and the bharani contains the sacred qualities that were present at the time of fire in the beginning of the fire.

People born in this nakshatra have the ability to rule because of their fire energy. The nature of Bharani Nakshatra is extreme and it inclines to whichever direction it chooses.

Bharani Nakshatra contains the energy of the planet Venus, so this constellation is full of tremendous esoteric knowledge. The main symbols of this are the female reproductive systems, which show creativity, sexuality and the cycle of birth and death. Like the womb, the constellation is related to nutrition and development and has the power to appear quickly.

People born in Bharani Nakshatra have a strong character and can cope with life's changes. Their simplicity enables them to learn something new and gather information. This constellation is one of the most enthusiastic and anxious constellations, yet it can be challenging to understand.

Facts of Bharani Nakshatra

  • General characteristics: Competent, truthful, successful in work, free from diseases and sorrows
  • Translation: "tolerant woman"
  • Symbol: vulva, female reproductive organs
  • Animal Symbol: Elephant
  • Lord of the Nakshatra: Yama, God of Death
  • Ruler Planet: Venus
  • Lord of the planet Venus: Lakshmi
  • Nature: Humans
  • Manner: balanced
  • Number: 2 (related to feminine qualities)
  • Gender: Female
  • Faults: Pitu
  • Properties: Rajas
  • Element: Earth
  • Nature: Furious
  • Bird: Crow
  • Common Name: Amla
  • Botanical Name: Mblica Officinalis
  • Seed sound: li, lu, le, lo (see post of bharani)
  • Relation to the Planet: Mars as the lord of Aries is related to this constellation

Each nakshatra is divided into four phases called padas. People born in different positions of Bharani Nakshatra have more characteristics that are specific.

Bharani Nakshatra contains the energy of the planet Venus, so this constellation is full of tremendous esoteric knowledge. Find more about it here

Characterististics of Bharani Nakshatra

  • Strengths of Bharani Nakshatra: clever and able to complete tasks quickly, enjoying new experiences, dutiful, loyal to family and friends, courageous attitude, good health / longevity, talented in the field, satisfied, leader - good work in public life Performer, creative, artistic and materialist
  • Weaknesses of Bharani Nakshatra: Burdened, restless, immoral, unpredictable character, very cunning, stubborn, childlike, vulnerable, ecstatic, expectant of discipline, irritable, impatient, provocative, obsessed with sex, plank, moralist, guessing
  • Scope: Working for children (teaching, child care, etc.), gynecologist, midwife, fertility specialist, field of death, arranging funerals or funeral, estate planner, obituary writer, funeral services, Areas related to sexuality, entertainment, models, sex workers, judges, hotel industry, catering, veterinary, fire brigade, surgery, photographer, enchanter, judge, field of extreme privacy, geophysics, earthquake and volcano expert.
  • Famous people born in the constellation Bharani: Carl Jung, Edgar Casey, Elton John, Karl Marx, Zachary Taylor, James A. Garfield, Imelda Marcos
  • Favourable Activities: Proactive and spontaneous activities, penance, spiritual practice, litigation / divorce application, serious action related activities, fertility studies, fire related work, competition, expedition
  • Adverse Activities: Business Transactions, Contract Signing, Negotiations, Doctor Appointments, Beauty Remedies, Shopping, Travel, Gentle Activities Holy Temple: Nalladai Sri Agniswarar Temple

This sacred temple related to Bharani Nakshatra is located in a village called Mayiladuthurai in Tamil Nadu, India. It is also called the "Shri Agniswar" temple as it is related to a form of Lord Shiva. "Shree" is a mantra that bestows honor and good fortune and "Agniswara" means Agni Dev. People born in Bharani Nakshatra must visit this holy temple during their lifetime.

People born in Bharani Nakshatra get incredible grace if they perform Yagya rituals in this holy Nalladai Sri Agniswarar temple. Siddhas say that if this holy Yajna ritual is performed by burning pure peepal wood instead of matchsticks, then divine grace is attained. This type of fire is called Bharani Arani because it originated from Agnidev.

Saint Mirugandu had organized this sacrificial bharani Arni by organizing a Yajna ritual on Bharani Nakshatra Day. The ashes of this fire were offered in the holy Sri Agniswarar temple with silk cloth. It is said that if this holy yajna ritual is organized on Bharani Nakshatra Day, the beneficial effects are increased several thousand times by the grace of the Guru. It will also receive divine blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

By organizing Yajna ritual on Bharani Nakshatra Day in this holy place, people born in different Nakshatras will get the blessings of maximum wealth and power, but people born in Bharni Nakshatra can get special blessings.

For people born in Bharani Nakshatra, the incense prescribed by the Vedas is made from the herb called Amla. Burning this incense is similar to performing a mini-sacrificial ritual for that particular constellation. By doing this small ritual performed for a specific birth chart, you will be able to get positive results by connecting with the internal energy of your planets.

By burning other Nakshatra incense on a specific Nakshatra day, you get favorable results by connecting with the energy of that Nakshatra. You are advised to at least burn incense associated with your personal constellation daily so that you get positive energy associated with that constellation.

Person born under the Bharani Nakshatra can have a fruitful career in the areas such as administration. business, sports, music and arts.

Bharani Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Females born under the Bharani Nakshatra are strong. They have a very headstrong personality. Their physical appearance is striking. They have beautiful appearance, with white even teeth. They have a charisma that follows them everywhere.

Personality Traits of Bharani Nakshatra Female

These females have rich inner life and very forthright with the words they use; they are basically unable to hold any grudge within. They are true feminists and will singlemindedly go after the values and things that appeal to them. It is a rare thing when they end up accepting the opinions placed on the shoulder by the society. The females of Bharani Nakshatra tend to be very moralistic and self righteous.

Professional Life of the Bharani Nakshatra Females

They are the conquerors, leaders of the pack. They don't fall into lines trailing behind others. They are independent and often be responsible for their own livelihoods.

Family Lives of the Bharani Nakshatra Females

The family life would often be loving. They tend to be strong and dominating in the household. They have overall good health and hence the path of life is often hurdle free and even if there is any obstacles laying the path, they would be able to conquer it.

Bharani Nakshatra Male Characteristics

The males born under bharani nakshatra are very likable and humanitarian by nature. They are also outspoken and truthful. Just like females of the bharani nakshatra, they are forthright and unafraid to counter the commonly held views.They are loving and adamant. He often has a way of getting his will done.

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