Mangal Dosha – What is it? Mangal dosha Remedies ?

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Mangal Dosha - What is it? Mangal dosha Remedies ?

Mangal Dosha – What is it? Mangal dosha Remedies ?

Mars and Manglik Dosha

Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system and also a lot closer to Earth in its atmospheric composition. Mars is also called a red planet because of its rust colored surface due to its soil being rich in iron.

Mars in Vedic Astrology:

Mars is the fiercest and aggressive planet in Vedic Astrology which is also a ruler of courage, wars, discipline, etc. Mars rules the zodiac sign Aries. In Vedic astrology mars rules the inherent instincts of wrath and aggression and often makes the native very rebellious who defies going towards the common parlance of values. Mars' energy is very raw in nature and action-oriented. When positively placed in the kundali, it makes the native assertive and courageous.

In Vedic astrology, Mars is considered to be a very fast and powerful planet. It is the ruling planet of Aries and Scorpio. Mars represents physical energy, confidence, ego, strength as well as rage, valor, & bold nature. It rules the blood, muscles and bone marrow.

What is Mangalik Dosha?

One of the most well known dosha of Mars/Mangal is the Mangalik dosha that is related to the relationships and marriage. In India, it is a tradition to match the kundali of the prospective bride and groom to find whether the relationship will be strong or not. The position of Mars is given importance when coming to a conclusion. There is a Mangalik dosha when the Mars is located in the 1,4,7,8 or the 12th house. The presence of mars in these houses makes the native inflicted by the Mangalik Dosha. This happens because of the fiery nature of Mars. Mangalik only happens when the Mars is present in the 1,4,7,8 or the 12th house. The Mangalik dosha also occurs when Mars is in conjunction with the planets it is not compatible with.

The person who has a Mangalik dosha in his kundali is called Mangalik and it is one of the dreadful dosha when it comes to getting married. The manglik dosha is also known by other names such as bhom, kunja or the angarkha dosha. This particular dosha occurs in kundali of both the males and females.

Goliya Mars, Pagdi Mars and Chunri Mars (गोलियां मंगल पगड़ी मंगल तथा चुनरी मंगल)

When the Mars is located in the kundali in any of the 1,4,7,8, or 12 and it is in conjunct with Sun, Moon, Saturn, Rahu as well as other paap graha, the males are afflicted with Goliya Mangal and the females are afflicted with Chunari Mangal. This is also called double Mangalik.

People afflicted with Mangal Dosha are often aggressive, rebellious and fierce in nature.

Mangal Dosha - What is it? Mangal dosha Remedies ?

The influence of Mars/Mangal in the Mangalik's Kundali:

  • If the kundali of the both the males and females are Mangalik then it is considered auspicious and the married life is blissful. When the Mars is in the 1st house of the kundali, i.e. in the house of the ascendant then the native will face obstacles in marriage as well as there will also be delay in marriage.
  • If the Mars is placed in the 4th house of the native’s kundali then, there are always hurdles, arguments and misery in the family life.
  • If the Mars is in the 7th house in the kundali of the native then there will be hurdles in getting married as well as there can also be problems in the married life.
  • If the Mars is in the 8th house then the native often falls prey to the bad influence as well as is susceptible to lying, arguing as well as does wrongful work.
  • If the Mars is in the 12th house, then the married life is full of troubles and obstacles as well as can be spendthrift. There is often instability in the family life.

Mangal dosha remedies:

  1. Mangal and Manglik Dosh should be remedied by fasting and rituals. Girls get good luck by performing Mangala Gowri and Vat Savitri fast.
  2. A female who is afflicted with Manglik dosha in her kundali can marry a bodhi tree, an urn or 'Lord Shaligram' to reduce the effect of Mangal Dosha.
  3. Mangal Dosh is also pacified by worshiping and reciting Hanuman Chalisa by offering fruits and sweet offerings in the temple of Hanuman ji, chanting the Mahamrityunjaya.
  4. Mantra of Lord Shiva and chanting Gayatri also brings peace of Mangal Dosh
  5. Donation of lentils, red sandalwood, red flowers, also removes the defect of Mars.

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