Sun in Astrology: Effects of Sun in 12 Houses

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Sun in Astrology: Effects of Sun in 12 Houses

Sun in Astrology: Effects of Sun in 12 Houses

Importance of Sun in Vedic Astrology

Some facts about Sun

  • Ruling planet of: Leo
  • Exalted in: Aries
  • Ruling planet of the house:5th House
  • Length of stay in each zodiac sign: 1 month
  • Sun represents: body, father, light, heat, soul, politics, medicines, power, government, health, fire
  • Gems & Metals: gold, copper & ruby
  • Health: heart problems, eye problems, fever, hair-loss, liver, mental disorders, cerebral disorders
  • Profession: politicians, government jobs, medicine related professions, economist, ruling class, law related work

Sun is the reason that our solar system exists. It is the center of our universe around which all the planets revolve. The mass of the sun holds the solar system together as well as generates life on earth. The sun was formed 6.5 billion years ago because nebula (a dust & gas giant) burst because of its own gravitational force. The temperature of the sun ranges from 10000 degrees Celsius to 15.5 million degree Celsius.

Role of Sun in Vedic Astrology

Sun is the ruler of the zodiac sign Leo as well as the 5th house. The sun is a positive planet and represents the self, the soul as well as the outer personality that the person projects. According to Vedic astrology, Sun is considered the king of all the planets and it is also considered as the reason that the life exists. The Sun is considered a male planet and symbolizes father in astrology. The placement of Sun in the kundali is generally a representation of the native’s father and the role the father plays in life.

The symbolism runs high in the connection between the father and the Sun. The way the sun is a creator of the entire universe, the father is also the creator of the human. In Vedic Astrology, the sun also symbolizes the ancestors. When the sun is influenced by some evil planets in the kundali, it gives birth to the pitru dosha. For this reason, due to the influence of one or more evil planets in any horoscope on the Sun, Pitra Dosha is formed in that horoscope which is capable of causing various kinds of troubles and problems in the life of the native.

Apart from father and ancestors, Sun is also regarded as the representative of kings, heads of states, territories and countries, government officials in high positions, government, powerful politicians and police officers, doctors and many other such individuals and institutions. Nonetheless, the Sun is also considered as a symbol of power and control.

In the body of a person, the sun represents the tendency of pita, because the nature and authority of the sun planet has a fire element. The sun is at its best in the fire signs such as Aries, Leo & Sagittarius. The Sun is the strongest in both Aries & Leo. A person whose Kundli’s ruler is Sun, i.e. when Leo is the ascendant sign and is devoid of any influence by malefic planet, such natives are generally healthy throughout their life because the Sun is directly considered a symbol of a person's ability to remain healthy. Due to the sun being strong in the horoscope, the native has more immunity than normal and for this reason no disease can be detrimental. The heart of such people works very well due to which the circulation of blood in their body is very smooth. Such people are physically very fit and generally their body weight is not more or less than normal, although some of these facts can also change with the auspicious or inauspicious position of other planets in the horoscope.

Horoscope holders with strong sun are usually the ones to carry and carry out many responsibilities, due to which they often face physical or mental stress due to overwork. Such people can usually suffer from problems such as stomach disorders and skin diseases due to the fiery nature of the sun due to certain types of disorders in the stomach and skin related diseases due to increased amount of fire element in the blood.

Importance of Sun in Vedic Astrology

Sun in Astrology: Effects of Sun in 12 Houses

Sun is debilitated in the in the zodiac sign Libra. Due to this it is also at its weakest in this house. A weak sun in the kundali has a negative impact on the ambitions of these people and makes them procrastinators. They keep thinking and hence often fails in making decision. A debilitated sun also decreases self-worth and self-esteem. They often undervalue themselves. Hence, the weak sun is also capable of destroying a native's life by leading them towards depression & other mental disorders.The sun's placement is best in the 10th & 11th houses of the kundali. Such a sun will endow the native with prosperity and success in life. A strong sun in the 11th house makes the native very sociable as well as gives a powerful & magnetic personality.

The worst placement for the sun is 4th, 8th & the 12th house. With this placement, sun deeply affects the happiness and private life of the native & usually has a negative impact on them. Such people are also short-tempered and prone to impatience. The sun in the 3rd gives the native remarkable courage. This placement also makes them honorable. Nonetheless, if the sun is weak in the 3rd house, then the effect is exactly opposite. When the sun is positively placed in the kundali, also called a benefic placement, it gives traits that it will endow the native with optimism, kind-heartedness, dignity, brilliance, boldness as well as individuality and royalty. Whereas when the sun is afflicted in the kundali then it makes the native arrogant, angry, jealous, as well as egoistical. Placement of the sun also provides one with psychological problems. Whereas when the sun is afflicted in the kundali then it makes the native arrogant, angry, jealous, as well as egoistical. Placement of the sun also provides one with psychological problems.

Result of Sun in 12 Houses of Kundali Birth Chart

  • Sun in 1st House: When Sun in placed in the 1st house, i.e. the House of Ascendant, then such a native tends to have very prominent facial features. Sun is a positive planet with a very vibrant energy in Astrology, and also makes an individual fierce and short tempered. However, this Sun placement in the 1st house, also related to bodily problems in teenage, there can also be issues with siblings as well as laziness in behavior.

  • Sun in 2nd House: When the Sun is placed in the 2nd house of a person's horoscope, then such a person tends to be business minded and entrepreneurial. Most profitable sector for people with Sun placed in the 2nd house tends to be metal related such as iron, copper, etc. The native also tends to financially well of, fortunate, forgetful. This placement also makes native quarrelsome, domineering and can have negative impact on the relationships.

  • Sun in 3rd House: When the Sun is placed in the 3rd house of a person's horoscope, it makes the native physically very attractive. Then such a person is persistent in his decision, patiently working, apologetic, hardworking, sweet-spoken, sharp and sharp-witted, but may not have strong and close friends, family relationships that stand by him.

  • Sun in 4th House: When the Sun is in the 4th house of a person's horoscope, then it negatively impact the ancestral wealth. Hence, such a native may face loss related to ancestral wealth in his lifetime. It negatively impacts the other aspects of life as well and hence, siblings can be estranged from the native, is deprived of happiness, interested in the occult science. The positive aspect of this placement of Sun is that it makes native sociable by nature, knowledgeable, artistically inclined, the native also in a place of birth or out of the country.

  • Sun in 5th House: When the Sun is placed in the 5th house of the birth chart of a person, then such a native acts lowly, the native also tends to have a cruel and furious nature, fickle minded nonetheless sharp and intelligent the major impact of this placement falls on childhood which is full of suffering.

  • Sun in 6th House: When the Sun is placed in the 6th house of a person's horoscope, then such a person is patient, good-natured and good-willed. He/She also shares good relationship with family & friends who are supportive. This a positive placement of the sun & hence, creates great harmony in life. The native often has a high status in the society and is revered by the members.

  • Sun in 7th House: When the Sun is placed in the 7th house of a person's horoscope, then such a person will get special benefit from Yatraink power related work and partnership, indulging in pleasures with parasites and due to these activities year after year. One, who gets humiliated from the society, is fickle and tough by nature, ugly with a map and is always engrossed in worry.

  • Sun in 8th House: When the Sun in the 8th house, then such a native is fickle and tipsy by nature. The native is also very respectful towards others and bashful by nature. 8th house Sun makes the native susceptible to various diseases, deceived by his own people, residing in a foreign country, short tempered, have long life.

  • Sun in 9th House: When sun is placed in the 9th House of a person's horoscope, then this placement makes the native honest and truthful. The native also tends to be family oriented. One of the other major characteristics of these people tends to be religiously and spiritually inclined.

  • Sun in 10th House: When Sun is placed in the 10th house, the native tends to be generous and courageous by nature, brave and fearless. The native also tends to have good ancestral property and wealth. The native also tends to be artistically inclined and knowledgeable.

  • Sun in 11th House: When the Sun is placed in the 11th house of a person's birth chart, then the native tends to be financially strong. He also gets blessed with a beautiful family who earns money from various resources. The main traits of a person tends to be intelligent, playful, self-respecting, knowledgeable and also bilingual.

  • Sun in 12th House: When the sun is placed in the 12th house of a person's birth chart, then such a person is indifferent by nature, and there can also be instances of mental diseases as well as eye diseases. The personality can also be marked with remarkable laziness, and may also be deprived of the father's happiness.

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