Vijaya Ekadashi – Story and Rituals 

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Vijaya Ekadashi - Story and Rituals 

Vijaya Ekadashi – Story and Rituals 

Hindu religion is the most diversified religion with various manner of atonement and methods of fasting. Ekadashi is also one of the most important fasts in Hinduism.

Vijaya Ekadashi is falling on February 19, 2020. This Ekadashi falls during the Krishna Paksha of the Phalgun month. Vijaya means ‘victory’ and this Ekadashi is all about being victorious. It is one of the most widely observed Ekadashi fast in India. As per the Padma Purana & Skanda Purana, observing the fast of ‘Vijaya Ekadashi’ can help an individual achieve victory against evil and all the obstacles that may come in life. It is believed that people who keep ‘Vijaya Ekadashi’ fast conquer all the obstacles that they may face in life. Hence, the reason this Ekadashi is widely known as ‘Vijaya Ekadashi’.

Our ancestors used to observe the ‘Vijaya Ekadashib’ fast for good luck and victory during the countless wars that they fought. By observing this fast, they have managed to garner various victories on the battlefield. It is believed that a person fasting on this day gets success in every task and gets the desired results. Apart from this, this Ekadashi has also been considered an Ekadashi, which can eliminate all sins.

The Puja Vidhi & Other Rituals, Traditions of ‘Vijaya Ekadashi’

On the first day of Ekadashi i.e. on Dashami, make an altar and keep ‘saptdhana’ on it, then according to your ability, make an urn of gold, silver, copper or clay and install it on it. On the day of Ekadashi, establish the idol of Lord Vishnu by placing it in the ‘Panchapallava Kalash’ and worship with incense, lamp, sandalwood, fruits, flowers, and basil. Along with fasting, recite and listen to the Lord Vishnu Katha and at night do bhajan awakening in the Lord Vishnu’s name. On the day of Dwadashi, give food, etc. to the Brahmin. Then observe the fast. On the first night of fast, only sattvic food should be taken and celibacy should also be observed. In this way, by fasting methodically, the worshiper gets the victory over the most difficult situations.

The Story of Vijaya Ekadashi

Once upon a time, Narada Muni pleaded with his father Brahma, "O Brahma! Please tell me the importance of Vijaya Ekadashi and the method of worship. After listening to Narad Muni, Brahmaji opens his eyes, “O son! The fast of Vijaya Ekadashi has the power to defeat the sins of a person's previous birth, by observing this fast and worshiping, one gets the victory in all the difficult situations & get over any obstacles.

Then, Lord Brahma narrated the story of Lord Rama to Narada Muni.

Lord Rama, along with wife Sita and brother Lakshman were exiled for fourteen years to follow the words of father Dasharatha. Lord Ram, along with his wife and brother, started living in huts near Panchvati River. The demon king Ravana heard about the beauty of Goddess Sita in Lanka, he reaches Panchavati with the aim of abducting Sita.

Ravana takes the help of maternal uncle Maricha to get Ram away from the hut and Sita is abducted by Demon King Ravan and taken to Lanka. After not finding Sita in the hut, Lord Rm started vigorously looking for Sita throughout the forest. While wandering the jungle, they reach the dying Jatayu. Jatayu narrates the entire story to him and departs towards heaven leaving his life in the lap of Shri Ram. Extremely saddened by this incident, Lord Ram made started towards Lanka and together with Sugriva and Hanuman, built an army. When Lord Ram arrives at the seashore with an army of apes, he faces the challenge of crossing the vast sea. Ram says to Laxman - "O Laxman! How will we cross this vast sea filled with many crocodiles and other dangerous creatures?”

Listening to Lord Ram, Lakshman said, "Brother, you are omniscient, nothing is hidden from you. Half a day away from here is the ashram of Kadalbhya Muni on the island of Kumari. He will surely help us and pave the way to victory. ”Lord Ram did the same and went to the ashram of sage Kadalbhya and begged him. Vakdalbhya Muni asked- 'O Ram! For what purpose have you sanctified my hut, please say your purpose, Lord. ”Hearing the sweet words of the sage, Ram said,“ O sage! Ravana has taken my wife Sita to Lanka. I want to cross the sea with my army of monkeys. Please tell me any way to cross the sea."

Maharishi Vakdalbhya says, "I will tell you about a fast that can help you win over this obstacle and reach Lanka. Maharishi Vakdalbhya told Ram gives about the importance of Vijaya Ekadashi and the rituals and traditions to observe the fast. After observing the fast, Lord Ram found a way to reach Lanka and also won the mighty battle with Ravan and also rescued Sita.

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