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Valentine's Day - The Season of Love

What Love Has in Store for You? | Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day - The Season of Love

Youngsters wait for this festival with much anticipation. The feeling of love is both nervous and all consuming. Valentine’s Day is an ode to this smooth & gleeful feeling. Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world. February 14 is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. However, the start of Valentine’s Day wasn’t the way it is celebrated today, nevertheless, beginnings are still considered romantic.

History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day - The Season of Love

Just like many international festivals, Valentine's Day has its origin in Ancient Rome. The Valentine's Day got its name from the famous saint valentine - priest in Rome in 3rd century AD. There was a king named Emperor Claudius II who had banned marriage because he though married man would make weak soldiers. Saint Valentine though this as unfair so he started to arrange marriage in secret.

When Claudius got to know about it, he sentenced the Saint Valentine to death. Saint Valentine, when in jail, fell in love with jailer's daughter and when he was to be killed i.e. on February 14th he send the jailer's daughter a love letter signed as Yours Valentine.

Hence, the day came to be known as Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day Week

The celebration of valentine continues for a week. The 7 days are celebrated in a different manner, the name of the days are:

  • February 7 - Rose Day
  • February 8 – Propose Day
  • February 9 – Chocolate Day
  • February 10 – Teddy Day
  • February 11 – Promise Day
  • February 12 – Hug Day
  • February 13 - Kiss Day
  • February 14 – Valentine’s Day

Nowadays, this festival has also become a way to find your life partner, why there are some couples on this festival who wait for this festival throughout the year to speak their mind to their life partner

What stars have in store for you this season of love?

  • Aries: Aries people need to be patient on this day. There is no need to make decision in hurry. The love of the people of the Aries born is true & with courage you will surely be successful. Gift red roses to your love interest.

  • Taurus: Taurus born is very serious about their partner. Take care not to flirt with him or not as this can prove to be the opposite for you. On this day, you can gift white things to your partner, such as white flowers or white clothes.

  • Gemini: Gemini born people will get mixed results on this day. According to the position and status, your new affair will start. You should offer pink flowers to your lover or girlfriend.

  • Cancer: The Cancer born may have to face a little humiliation. On this day, do not bring too much passion and insanity in your love affairs. You can gift white flowers as a gift of your love.

  • Leo: It may prove good for the Leo natives to travel with your partner. This will give you strong energy and you can also gift vermillion colored flowers to your love interest.

  • Libra: Libra born is romantic by heart and does everything with great care and in expensive manner to satisfy their loved ones. Give lily flowers to your Valentine.

  • Scorpio: The native of Scorpio zodiac will be in a little doubt on this day. Saturn is bound to create confusion for the Scorpio born throughout the day. If you are planning to meet your love interest, give them blue colored flowers.

  • Sagittarius: Couples of the sagittarius zodiac can get a lot of success in love affairs on this day in the pilgrimage and religious ceremonies. Offer a bouquet of spring flowers to your beloved. The Jupiter’s grace will make everything alright.

  • Capricorn: The wealth of the lovers of the capricorn zodiac may be inclined towards spirituality. But understand the partner's feelings and spend the whole day with them. Give bouquets of bright red and pure white color to the partner.

  • Aquarius: For the Aquarius born natives, Venus is making a fortune to keep it full of luxury. The lord of the zodiac will give success in love affairs by sitting in the house of fortune. Meet all kinds of flowers, luck is with you.

  • Pisces: Although February 14, is a very favorable day for Pisces born, but avoid some love proposals from Taurus and Libra as they can be deceived in love. Give yellow colored flowers to the native.

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