Why is Varaha Jayanti Celebrated?

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Varaha Jayanti festival

Why is Varaha Jayanti Celebrated?

Varaha Jayanti Vrat & Katha

Why is Varaha Jayanti Celebrated?

According to Hinduism, Varaha Jayanti festival is celebrated on Tritiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. On this day, Lord Vishnu worships the third avatar, Varaha Avatar. On the occasion of Varaha Jayanti, devotees follow the hymns of Lord Vishnu - Kirtan, fasting and fasting etc. and wish for happiness and prosperity.

Lord Vishnu was incarnated as half human and half pig. His entire body was blue and his eyes were huge. Lord Varaha defeated Hiranyaksha. Therefore, devotees worship Lord Varaha on this day and pray to get rid of all evils.

Story of Varaha Jayanti

Varaha Jayanti festival

According to Padam Purana, there used to be two gatekeepers named Jai and Vijay in Baikuntha Dham. Once, Sanakadi Yogishwar went to Baikunth Dham with the desire to see Lord Vishnu along with Shri Lakshmi. The gatekeepers named Jai and Vijay intercepted him and treated him indecently.

Sanakadi became very angry with this and cursed both of them - Dwarpals, both of you abandon this abode of God and go to the death world and be born as an asura. With the effect of curse, Kashyapa sage and his wife Diti's Hiranyaksha. And there were two great sons named Hiranyakashipu.

The tendencies of both were extremely devilish and they had pleased Brahmaji by performing rigorous penance and attained immense powers. On the strength of Hiranyaksha powers, panic started spreading around, his body had become very big. He destroyed this earth with thousands of arms, mountains, seas, islands and whole creatures, and by lifting his power, he took the earth and hid it in the abyss, and then even Varun Dev for war. Varun Dev challenged where Lord Sri Hari is Vishnu who has the ability to fight with you.

Hearing this, Hiranyaksha came out in search of Lord Vishnu, and Shri Hari brought Lord Vishnu from the abyss on his teeth and set him back on Sheshnag. On the other hand Hiranyaksha approached Shri Hari and started to fight for the war, there was a fierce war between Lord Vishnu and that monster. God defeated Hiranyaksha and killed him.

Method of Worship and Mantra

The idol of Lord Vishnu or Lord Varaha is kept in a sacred metal urn and the urn is filled with water, later decorated with mango leaves with coconut, then all these things are donated to the Brahmin by doing pooja etc.

On this day, bathing etc. is done in the morning and donations are given to the needy and fasting is done.

Lord Varaha is pleased by offering butter, honey, milk and yogurt.

Varaha Jayanti Mantra

  • Om Varahay Namaha
  • Om Sukrai Namah
  • ॐ Dhritsukararupa Keshvay Namah

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